Coralie Regli

Marketing Coordinator

Coralie Regli is the Marketing Coordinator at Creative Supply.

She had the chance to live, study and work in several countries including Switzerland, The Netherlands, United Kingdom and The United States. These experiences have reinforced her capacity to adapt to, and to learn from different environments and cultures, and significantly enhanced her communication skills.

She has a background in International Hospitality and Business Management, and acquired professional experiences in events as well as in creative and medical businesses. Besides being fully dedicated to Creative Supply by managing the marketing activities and supporting the business development, Coralie also works in a renowned hospital as medical event coordinator and hospitality project leader.
She is considered a real “Swiss product”, because she likes to apply the Swiss precision and quality to every project she undertakes.

On a more personal side, she is a real sport addict and a foodie who loves to cook for her loved ones.