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Creative Supply is specialised in 3 areas:

  • Brand Strategy & Design
  • Digital Transformation & UX
  • Marketing Campaigns & Creative Solutions. 

Whether you’re a start-up or a global corporation, your brand gains a long-term partner to grow and thrive. At Creative Supply, our partnership mindset, which we are very happy to share with you here, results in an over 85% return rate from our ambitious clients.

Creative Supply is a family-owned business with 20+ years of experience in the field of branding, digital transformation and creative campaigning.

At Creative Supply, we look at your brand’s past and present in order to shape its future together. We formulate tailored strategies and smart solutions, so your brand grows sustainably. As a family-owned and -run business, we share your passion and responsibility for taking your business to the next level. That’s why we are invested in all the work we do, which means, of course, in your brand growth and continued success.

With our international footprint and a team of the very best talent, Creative Supply has been a trusted partner for more than 100+ clients. Get in touch to learn more about us.

Since launching Creative Supply in 2015, we’ve worked with visionary leaders and brands in 15+ industries including: technology, education, retail, lifestyle, hospitality, real estate and finance. Check out our case studies to see some of our work.

You might also like our popular B2B Branding Handbook (in collaboration with EPFL EMBA) and our inspiring Hotel Concept Handbook (in collaboration with EHL).

Yes, we have numerous references in branding, digital & UX and marketing campaigns. You can:

We’d be happy to chat with you about our references that are relevant to your industry or business challenge. Schedule a call with us here.

Yes, you should. For small businesses and startups, we run brand strategy, storytelling, and UX co-design workshops. These workshops are designed to give you high-value insights in a more condensed way.

If you are an Innosuisse startup, you can use your credit to receive coaching from us on branding, digital & UX and marketing.

Get in touch to discuss how we can work together.

From logo design to copywriting, all the work produced by Creative Supply in connection with your project belongs to you. Upon request, we can deliver the source files to you. Depending on the file type, we might charge a small fee to ‘prepare’ the file (ex: adding layer names in Adobe InDesign).

At Creative Supply, we work every day to perfect our approach, learn more and anticipate problems before they even occur. Since 2015, we’ve successfully delivered hundreds of projects for companies of any size. Our projects always include 2-3 rounds of feedback at every project step to ensure that you are fully satisfied with the deliverables.

We are a good fit with companies who think big, strive to get ahead and are ready to create, grow and transform their business. If this sounds like you, schedule a call with us.

Project Management

We can carry out projects and deliver work in English, French and German. 

We value relationships and efficiency. That’s why you will have an Account Manager throughout our project engagement. Your Account Manager at Creative Supply knows all the background information, keeps track of the project execution and handles all your inquiries on time.

We can work both remotely and on-site. We use Slack, Zoom and Miro. We delivered countless projects on branding, digital transformation and creative campaigning 100% remotely. We are also happy to visit you on-site, wherever you are in the world, to run workshops and meet your teams/clients. 

On a side note, we value efficiency and productivity as much as collaboration. That’s why we travel whenever it is absolutely necessary.

Each project at Creative Supply starts with a kickoff meeting. We introduce all stakeholders in the project to one another and review project deliverables and timing. 

Depending on the project, we may ask for some background information about your company, such as business plan and goals, competitors, existing brand identity and digital interfaces. This helps us understand where you stand and where you desire to grow.

To us, every brand is one-of-a-kind and treated as such. We bring together the best talent in branding, digital transformation and creative campaigning, specifically for your project. While building your project team, we consider industry expertise, language requirements and your strategic and creative needs. There is always at least one dedicated Account Manager to be your point of contact.

With our international footprint and a team of best talents, Creative Supply has been a trusted partner in branding, digital transformation and creative campaigning for more than 100+ clients. For each project, we bring together the right talent that may include independent creatives such as font designers or photographers, in addition to our in-house strategists and creatives.

Of course! At Creative Supply, we know how important your company vision and business goals are to you and the success of your business. Your feedback is instrumental for us in realising your company vision and business goals as well as driving the project forward. That’s why, our projects always include 2-3 rounds of feedback at every project step, so you co-chape the deliverables.

We charge for travel and accommodation expenses when travel outside Switzerland is required. In any case, you would be informed ahead of time of any expected expenses. We can also agree on an expense cap or package to avoid surprises.

Yes, we can. At Creative Supply, we are goal-driven, hyper-focused and deadline cautious. We may need to allocate more resources to meet your deadlines.

Normally within 2-3 weeks. Let’s talk if you need things to happen faster.


Creative Supply has successfully created, transformed and grown more than 100+ brands since 2015. We offer a full suite of branding services adapted to your specific business needs, including brand strategy, brand storytelling, brand identity design, visual assets and spatial design. 


Making your brand future-proof is in our DNA.  Therefore, we’ve developed our own models, such as the Brand Story Canvas, and we have been teaching branding at world-renowned universities, including HEC Paris, EPFL and EHL. Youri Sawerschel, our founder, also gave an inspiring TEDx talk titled ‘How to brand anything’. 

👉 We’ve worked with visionary brands and leaders from over 10 countries across 15+ industries, from a Swiss robot manufacturer to a French retail house to an Austrian hotel chain. 

A branding project at Creative Supply typically includes brand strategy and brand design. 

The brand strategy deliverable is a brand platform that includes positioning, storytelling and messaging elements. Learn more about our approach here.

Brand design deliverables are visual guidelines which include logo, typography, layout principles, patterns, illustrations and photography styles. Learn more about our approach here.

From kickoff to the delivery of a brand platform and design guidelines (the reference documents with the major building blocks of your brand), a branding project takes between 2 to 6 months. The preparatory work (ex. research, interviews), the size of your company and therefore, the number of people/hierarchies involved impact the project duration.

 If you already have a clear brand strategy, then yes, you can. No need to reinvent the wheel. 

If you don’t, we would recommend at least a brand strategy workshop, because brand strategy is the foundation for all design, digital and marketing work. Skipping it would be like building a house without a blueprint.

Branding and business strategy are strongly linked. This is why the leadership team must be involved in a branding/rebranding project, especially at the beginning. 

In a rebranding project, it is important to involve people with different positions and points of view (including the naysayers). This way, you align everyone in your organisation in a timely fashion.

We can, but we won’t. Brand identity is not just about a logo, but an ecosystem of perceptual and visual elements. These elements work together to cultivate feelings, experiences and attitudes for your customers.

Think about it this way: Your brand should be recognisable even when your logo is not present (think Tiffany blue or Post yellow). This is the kind of approach we use to get the best out of your business. So you can differentiate yourself in the competition.

If you already have a designer, we can provide them with specific brand guidelines or a creative brief. Responsibilities must be defined clearly to avoid a situation of ‘too many cooks in the kitchen’ or, worse, ‘no cooks in the kitchen’.

Image buying, photography, illustrations and special fonts are normally not included in our initial budget proposal, because they depend on the design direction, the type of applications, and the resources needed (ex: a photo for a global advertising campaign and a website homepage have different copyrights). If the design direction requires a new asset creation (which means additional cost), we always discuss that with you first.

At Creative Supply, we adopt transparency in all relationships and practices through open and honest communication. This means you’ll always know what is included and what is not before and during the project. So you don’t have any surprises on the invoice.

Digital & Customer Experience

Creative Supply has successfully created, transformed and grown more than 100+ brands since 2015. We offer a full suite of digital services adapted to your specific business needs, including digital transformation strategy, UX/UI design, harmonisation roadmap (ex., multiple countries/products to be merged into one global presence or streamlined digitally), customer experience design, visual interface design and usability testing.

Our team consists of digital strategists and specialists who are Agile-certified and apply Human-centred design principles to create smart, effective and engaging interfaces focused on the needs of your customers. We adopt an iterative design approach (prototype-feedback-prototype), so we can get your feedback early on and kick off technical development faster.

👉🏻We’ve worked with visionary brands and leaders from over 10 countries across 15+ industries, from a Swiss robot manufacturer to a French retail house to an Austrian hotel chain. 

We can design any digital interface that your users need to interact with your brand. 

This can be: a website to appeal to your target audience, eCommerce to effectively communicate the value of your products for a better conversion rate, a screen attached to your smart robot or placed in your store, or an intranet to keep your internal teams and information in one place.

Let’s talk about how we can transform your digital interface(s).

CX/UX design allows your product/service to resonate with your target audience. A well-designed customer experience unlocks your product/service’s commercial value and sharpens your brand appeal. Because a positive customer experience results in both customer acquisition and retention, while encouraging brand advocacy.

In other words, CX/UX design is key to the sustainable growth of your business. 

Creative Supply has helped visionary brands with their digital transformation strategy and customer experience design. So that they lead their customer experience initiatives successfully, align it with their company vision and brand, and turn it into their competitive advantage.

Schedule a call to tell us about your business goals.

In general, we deliver a digital project in 3 lean steps: 

  • User research/workshop (customer journey mapping, user requirements mapping etc.)
  • Iterative design (prototyping and, if required, usability testing)
  • Visual design (including a style guide)

No, we don’t have to create user personas or anything else that you don’t want. User personas may be fictional characters, however, they are helpful in ensuring that everyone has the same understanding of who we are actually designing all this work for.

Everything we do is 100% original, designed just for you.

We can also create custom and responsive designs for platforms like WordPress, Drupal, Shopify, Wix, Stripe, etc.

Building a new website (a company website, eCommerce, mobile/tablet, web portal/intranet, etc.) or app (as well as updating existing ones) takes between 2 to 6 months, including customer experience design and visual design, excluding the technical implementation. 

The project duration depends on the complexity of an interface, the number of interfaces that need to be merged together/re-designed and the size of your company, i.e., the number of people/hierarchies involved.

Yes, we can! Creative Supply offers exceptional expertise in digital harmonisation strategy to enable a customer-centric experience across your countries/products. We help you bring your independent interfaces under a unified UX/UI design with a branded look and feel. So you can tailor your interfaces to your company vision and brand, while achieving better customer experience, less complexity and more efficiency.

To deliver design solutions faster and without any surprises, we foster an iterative approach which involves you actively during the design process. In other words, we build interfaces page by page (or block by block) and review changes with you in short weekly/bi-weekly meetings. So you are in the know with what is being designed from the beginning until the end. No final official sign off needed.

We also work in parallel with technical partners by providing them with already approved designs. So we can move and deliver faster on your project.

We work with several technical partners to implement the digital experience we design for you. We can also work with your technical partner by providing interaction and style guides and briefing them as needed.


Creative Supply has successfully created, transformed and grown more than 100+ brands since 2015. We offer creative marketing services adapted to your specific business needs, including marketing strategy, campaign concept development, go-to-market strategy and creative asset production.

Our team consists of marketing strategists and creatives who are masters of visual storytelling and develop 360° creative marketing campaigns to attract, connect and retain your target audience. From editorial photography and copywriting to impactful art direction and packaging design to custom font design, our unique blend of creative talents got all your bases covered to make your brand and product/service stand out.

👉🏻We’ve worked with visionary brands and leaders from over 10 countries across 15+ industries, from a Swiss robot manufacturer to a French retail house to an Austrian hotel chain. 

Customer touchpoints shape how your target audience views and experiences your brand. Our team of marketing strategists and creatives help you develop 360° creative marketing campaigns to attract, connect and retain your customers for the entire customer journey cycle — from discovery to purchase to repeat customer.

Creative Supply can help you

  • formulate your campaign strategy (customer journey mapping, buyer persona definition, competitor research & analysis, campaign messaging)
  • plan your campaign (goals, KPIs, timeline)
  • design your creative assets, including your website, social media, paid media (online, TV, print ads), printouts (such as business cards, flyers), brochures, expos & fairs (booth, stand, display) and promotional goods (such as tote bags, t-shirts, mugs etc.).

Yes, we can. We have a great blend of outstanding photographers, videographers and motion designers to help you with e-commerce packshots, architecture photography, editorial portraits or animations. Our creatives can match the different needs of your brand (such as product or office), your digital channels (such as website or social media) and your marketing activities (such as campaigns or paid ads).

No, we don’t offer this service. However, we can help you define your digital campaign strategy and concept, and create your visual assets, so you have everything you need to effectively connect with your target audience and run your paid ads or online campaigns.

No, we don’t offer this service. However, we can define the editorial line for your social media and create sample posts and templates to get you started with confidence. 

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