Branding that transforms businesses

We bring creativity and business strategy together, going beyond pretty logos and catchy taglines to achieve true creative transformation through branding, from strategy to implementation. Extending from our base in Zurich, our activities are split between consulting and education, working to bring new ideas to individuals and organisations alike.
Our consulting clients are diverse in origin, ranging from hospitality to education to the industrial sector, but they are united around a shared desire to take their brand – and business – to the next level. Thousands of people trust our academy to expand their knowledge – from mastering the art of storytelling to building their personal brand. Our programmes are also taught at top universities such as Essec in Paris and EPFL in Lausanne. While our branding library gives branding professionals and students fresh insights.

Creative Supply in numbers



We work on projects in Switzerland, France, Germany, Austria, UAE, UK, China, Russia and Turkey.



Our creatives are experts in branding, design, photography, web development, digital marketing and copywriting.


returning customers

The majority of our business comes from repeat customers. We are proud to have clients working with us for more than 6 years.



Working in sectors such as finance, education, hospitality, technology, consumer goods, healthcare, fashion, luxury, start-ups etc.

Our creatives transform businesses into brands. They are experts in branding, design, photography, web development, digital marketing and copywriting. They are carefully selected based on their work quality, their expertise and their personality.


Who we collaborate with to advance the world of branding

Our principles

To accomplish great things we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe” tells us French Poet Anatole France.  Below are the 6 beliefs that got us where we are.


Bold vision

We are led by our vision to disrupt the traditional agency model and build a global network of creatives. Our ambition? Become the best branding agency in Switzerland, in Europe and then in the World.


People before office

We are organised around people, not offices. We believe in changing work spaces and dynamic teams to foster new ideas and perspectives.


Freedom and accountability

Creativity doesn’t do 9 to 5. We measure results not hours worked. We believe that trust leads to superior creative output and higher project ownership.


On-demand resources

We believe in fluid networks of creatives that mould themselves around client needs. We hand-pick each of our creative members based on their skills, interest and availability.


Integrated solutions

The lines are blurring. Between industries, between disciplines and between analog and digital. We believe that impactful solutions are developed at the intersection of business, design and technology.


Entrepreneurial agility

Our innovative structure allows us to move fast and experiment. This means that we are quick to recognise opportunities and failures and to act upon them.


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