Unleashed potential. Actual results.

Unleashed potential. Actual results.

A well-implemented brand strategy can transform your business. From positioning essentials to communications, Creative Supply will help you unleash your brand’s potential in full.

An investment that benefits your entire organisation

A well-established brand strategy offers a host of advantages, allowing brands to structure their communications internally and externally, and link strategy to operations. Investing in a brand strategy will bring you:

  • A clear strategy – A single set of guidelines, covering everything from your brand’s positioning to its messages.
  • Internal alignment – One brand platform for all of your departments.
  • Sound communications – A smoother, more effective strategy from the brand to the product(s).
  • Considerable savings – Saved time and money for your marketing and communications divisions.

Established credibility

Our tools and approach are taught in Europe’s top business schools, including ESSEC, Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne and Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL).

An essential document for all of your teams

At the end of your project with Creative Supply, you receive a complete brand platform. A brand platform is a reference tool comprising the key elements of your brand strategy: positioning, storytelling and brand messages in a summary document.

The components of a brand platform

Strategic Elements
Positioning StatementA short text for internal use defining your brand’s positioning, depending on your target audience.
Brand Architecture 
Creation of a tree structure depicting the relationships between several brands, sub-brands, product brands, etc.
Escalator PitchA tool that helps summarise the key points of your brand’s positioning. What does your brand do? Who is it intended for? How does it operate?
A name or selection of names chosen to represent your new brand, product or service.

Communication Elements
Brand Messages3 or 4 messages suited to the brand’s positioning and designed to work together. They structure how a brand communicates about itself.
Brand StoryA strategic tool that places the brand in a narrative context and creates a compelling story for the company and its customers.
BoilerplateA standard descriptive text about the company that gives readers essential information about the brand and can be placed on a wide range of media.
Editorial ThemesThe major topics that emerge from the brand’s storytelling. A brand’s objective is to establish itself as a reference for these topics.
Verbal Identity
(depending on project)
The part of a brand identity that defines how the brand speaks and interacts with its public. It includes which style, language register, and semantic fields to use.

Our approach in numbers


Brand platforms created over the past 3 years


Months of work, for sustainable results


Workshops allowing your teams to play an active role in redefining your brand


Summary document, usable by all to understand and apply the brand’s fundamentals

A proven method

Our approach is 3-fold (exploration, strategy and communication). From the first storytelling workshop through to devising your brand’s key messages, you and your teams are part of the creative process. Our approach has been tested – and approved – in multiple sectors. Find out what our clients have to say about their experience with Creative Supply.

The brand platform process

Strategic elements
Comm. elements
Verbal identity
Information gathering and brand story workshopDevelopment of brand strategy elements and messaging workshopDevelopment of brand communication elementsCreation of a verbal brand identity 
2-3 weeks2-3 weeks2-3 weeks2-3 weeks

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