Perspectives on B2B branding

19 July 2019

Discover the latest developments in B2B branding in Switzerland and learn about our 5-step process to build a winning B2B brand.

Unleash the branding potential of your B2B business

The “Perspectives on B2B branding” report is the first ever to offer a focus on B2B companies as well as trends and insights relevant to a Swiss audience. Created in collaboration with the EPFL EMBA programme, the report is a must read for company leaders, trade professionals, and anyone wishing to understand the latest developments in B2B branding. Here are some highlights from the report:

  • 6 branding trends affecting B2B businesses, in Switzerland and abroad
  • Exclusive insights from over 20 executives at leading Swiss B2B companies
  • An actionable 5-step process for B2B companies to create or refine their brand strategy
  • Key learnings and recommendations from the Creative Supply team

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