Perigot: a brand turning everyday items “discreetly upper class”

13 April 2018

Perigot was founded in Paris in 1995 by French product designer Frédéric Perigot. They design hardware, travel, pet and home accessories.

Practical, everyday items. And yet Perigot’s unique selling point, and the reason they can charge such high prices (their foldable step stool, for example, is €349), is that Perigot has made each and every one of these “everyday items” an absolute pleasure to use.


Functional, utilitarian and minimalist, but also slick, handsome, witty and always clever. It is all very Parisian. The branding emphasises this, and positions them as a premium, luxury brand.

Take their €35 Down Town Bag for example; described on their website as “discreetly upper class”, despite being, essentially, a tote bag. This is the essence of Perigot’s branding; taking everyday items that people rarely think about, and elevating them to something that you not only appreciate, but cherish. Something that is no longer a bag, but a high quality, luxury piece of design.

Their Frisbee Trash Can is described on their website in monsieur Perigot’s own words:

“I didn’t want to design just another trash bin. This one is shaped like the body of an aircraft, with a perfect finish. Its ultra-flat lid resembles a frisbee, and when you close it, it sound like the door of a sedan.” The thoughtfulness, the passion and the attention to detail is equally evident in the product as it is in the words.

And that passion, that thoughtfulness, evident in the product, emphasised in the branding, is the key to how Perigot has turned everyday items into something fashionable, into something that Parisians crave, even if, fundamentally, it’s just a trash can. But then again, what a trash can.

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Picture credit: © Perigot

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