Notorius Grey sets brand design benchmark for fast food joints

by Alisa Voitika , 26 April 2018

Meet Notorius Grey, a multidisciplinary creative studio & design consultancy that transformed a burger joined brand identity into a modern benchmark for all fast food brands – and won an award for it along the way!

About the project

Anything but expected: this is what comes to mind when we look at Notorius Grey’s design for a what seemed to be a mainstream design project – rebranding of a burger chain. A minimalist and modern identity lets the food speak for itself: the clean design is creating a perfectly neutral yet strongly appealing platform for the burger chain’s product to shine through. The project features an award winning typeface: Regal Finesse Pro by Parachute type foundry.


Where is your team from?

Our team is from Athens, Greece and from the island of Cyprus.

Any tips for staying or getting inspired?

Analysing and reanalysing! Constant viewing and studying of works by other designers (new and old) and even going back to our own work. This involves constant studying of different approaches and different designs and paths taken for each project; asking questions like: Why? How? Why not? What would it look like if? When was this used? What tools are involved? etc.

What are, in your opinion, most significant brand design trends this year?

One of the most significant (mainstream) “trends” is that good design practises seem to be seeping into almost everything and everyone! What was once only used by great designers and design studios alike, now seems to appear into mainstream practises of design. For example we see big brands refining their logos (e.g. YouTube), also packaging has taken a turn towards simplicity, typography and thus typographic logos are used more, good use of white space (once an unknown universe for many), better use of colour etc. Of course – as already mentioned above – all these were always used in great design, but now it seems that everyone is aware of them and trying to incorporating them into their work.
Another significant design trend, is that Brutalism is back 🙂 and that typography has even appeared into the 3D surrealistic worlds created nowadays, some of which constitute great works of design.


Picture credits: Notorius Grey

Brand Design, Hospitality