Designing Brand Identity
Alina Wheeler

18 April 2019

Designing Brand Identity by Alina Wheeler – to master the process of branding

With Designing Brand Identity, Alina Wheeler offers up a comprehensive and practical guide to the full process of brand building. The book is full of inspiring quotes to spark the imagination and well-thought-out ideas of what branding is at its heart: She posits, for example, that a strong brand binds us internally and differentiates us externally. Meanwhile, more practically, she describes the three main functions of a brand – Navigation, Reassurance and Engagement. And, as well as offering up a process to work out what the core of your brand should be, she even walks readers through a five phase process, all the way from initial research, through actually designing identity, right through to launch.

The book’s aim is broad, so admittedly lacks at times in depth. But whether you are a student looking to master the fundamentals or an expert brander looking to polish up your skills or ignite your imagination, Designing Brand Identity is an engaging, helpful and pragmatic book to return to again and again.

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