Creative Supply at the EPFL EMBA

5 Juli 2018

Creative Supply is strengthening its collaboration with the EPFL EMBA program with a special course on personal branding

Creative Supply is proud to announce that its Founder Youri Sawerschel has been invited to give a two-day course in personal branding for the Executive MBA participants of EPFL. Spread over two full days in July 2018, the course will show EMBA participants how to use their personal brands as a source of competitiveness in a transparent and interconnected world.

Youri Sawerschel’s approach to personal branding breaks apart from the traditional idea of “selling yourself”. Sawerschel says that “a personal brand should help people attract opportunities that match their profiles and interests – A personal brand is a vehicle to put people back in the driving seat and empower them to take responsibilities over their lives”

Besides the strategic aspects of personal branding, the course will also demonstrate how to use a network, create content and generate social proofs to grow a personal brand. Following the course, participants will know how use personal branding as a tool to build a career that is truly theirs and, ultimately, feel more confident in their abilities to pursue a meaningful life.

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Picture credit: © Mediatheque EPFL