Sharing insights into innovation branding

20 July 2018

Creative Supply hosted an exclusive event dedicated to innovation branding in collaboration with EPFL EMBA and Tesla at the Tesla store in Zurich.

Youri Sawerschel started his presentation by giving examples of innovative, cutting-edge products that turned out to be big failures. He then introduced the brand anchor – a concept that defines where a business can or cannot go. He also argued that brands which succeed in launching new products have one thing in common: They don’t sell a product, they sell an idea. Youri explained that “to sell an idea you need to give context to it and this is done through storytelling.” He introduced Creative Supply’s framework, the Brand Story Canvas, and applied it to two trending companies to show that all stories of successful brands are built in the same way. To wrap up the presentation Youri gave the audience three key points to remember about branding that they can identify and apply in their day-to-day life.