Youri Sawerschel gives keynote speech at French tourism convention

27 November 2019

This month Youri Sawerschel spoke about brand strategy, destination branding and the need for “preservolution” at the 5th annual convention for Côte d’Azur tourism in Nice, France.

The French Côte d’Azur is one of the world’s most iconic travel destinations, drawing millions of domestic and foreign visitors every year, all looking to enjoy its rich natural and cultural riches.

In order to maintain their edge and address industry challenges, hospitality professionals meet every year during the “Rencontres départementales du Tourisme Azuréen” (Côte d’Azur regional tourism convention), organised by the Côte d’Azur chamber of commerce, the regional tourism board and the regional government. This year’s main topics were “increasing tourist spending to boost local consumption” and “how to turn customers into ambassadors”.

Recognised as one of Europe’s leading hospitality branding experts, Youri Sawerschel was invited to share his thoughts on both subjects, first as a keynote speaker and then as a panelist. In order to bridge the apparent divide between increasing local consumption and preserving the underlying resource, Youri used the example of the Faroe Islands, which have been implementing the concept of “preservolution” for years. Pushing a message of authentic and sustainable development for the region resonated strongly with the audience, at a time when over-tourism and climate change rate high on the economic and political agenda.

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