Back at MODUL University Vienna for a keynote presentation

12 October 2018

Creative Supply’s founder, Youri Sawerschel, is invited at MODUL University Vienna to give a keynotes speech about hotel concept development.

On November 22nd, Youri will be back at MODUL University to deliver a keynotes speech about hotel concept development in front of Bachelor and Master students. After four years, Creative Supply’s founder is returning to Vienna to expand the horizons in tourism on a different topic. Back in 2014, Youri discussed the 5 Myths about Brand Management. This year, he will be exploring the tools that hotels use, or should use, to stand out from the crowd and to deliver a unique lifestyle destination.

To reach customer touchpoints, Youri developed a narrative that tells the story of the hotel and identifies the best communication channels. The idea behind the concept development is to create a “Hotel Concept Framework“, which reflects the entire customer experience by keeping him or her in the core purpose.

About MODUL University Vienna

MODUL University Vienna is one of Austria’s leading international private university and it is ranked in the world’s top 25 performing universities in most often cited research publications. Founded in 1908, the selective Austrian University focuses on social and economic development, with a special dedication to the tourism industry, new media information technology, sustainability and business management.

About Creative Supply

Creative Supply is a Swiss agency bringing together global creatives to develop brands, design experiences and market products and services in an interconnected world. The branding company drive projects from concept to implementation at the intersection of business, design and technology. Their collaborative approach to creative work delivers tangible values for clients across industries, from a Chinese hotel to a Swiss bank.

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Picture credit: © MODUL University Vienna