Back at EPFL for a talk on B2B branding

27 November 2018

Creative Supply’s founder, Youri Sawerschel, was invited to EPFL Innovation Park, La Forge to give a talk about B2B branding and storytelling.

On November 14th, Youri Sawerschel presented to an audience of technology and science based start-ups, the potential of branding in a B2B context. “B2B branding has been underestimated and underused for a long time but this is now changing fast” says Youri Sawerschel.  Drawing on his work with B2B brands in the industrial, financial and technology sectors, Youri Sawerschel explained how branding can drive growth for B2B companies. He adds: “While features and specifications matter a lot in B2B, so do reputation, perceived value and awareness”.

At Creative Supply, we see more and more Swiss and European industrial companies turning to branding to stay relevant amid rising global competition and more knowledgeable customers. To respond to the demand we have tailored our approach to take into accounts B2B dynamics and specificities.  Building up on Creative Supply expertise in B2B branding, Youri Sawerschel’s talk covered the following points:

  • Highlight the key differences between B2B and B2C branding
  • Explain the role of storytelling in fact-based sectors
  • Reveal a new way to approach B2B branding, beyond brochures and trade shows

Highlights of the talk are shared on Creative Supply social media channels.

About EPFL Innovation Park

EPFL Innovation Park is an environment made up of 13 buildings devoted to hosting and supporting startups, companies and services providers. It is located next to the prestigious Ecole Polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne, one of the two federal technical universities in Switzerland. The EPFL Innovation Park offers unparalleled access to on-point research, dynamic network and an inspiring environment to new or experienced entrepreneurs.

About La Forge 

La Forge is a co-working space offering flexible open spaces with divers meeting rooms, a conference room, free internet and a printer to early-staged entrepreneurs. The goal is to encourage and support startups to shape their ideas into successful companies by being in a unique environment located at the heart of EPFL Innovation Park.

About Creative Supply

Creative Supply is a Swiss agency bringing together global creatives to develop brands, design experiences and market products and services in an interconnected world. The branding company drive projects from concept to implementation at the intersection of business, design and technology. Their collaborative approach to creative work delivers tangible values for clients across industries, from a Chinese hotel to a Swiss bank.

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Picture credit: © EPFL Innovation Park La Forge