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The average person is exposed to thousands of brands everyday, from toothpaste to fast-food chains to non-profit associations. Getting noticed is hard and getting considered even harder. People are attracted to brands with values, brands with great stories and brands that have something to say. Organisations that get that right are able to command a price premium and speed up their growth. Our agency provides four core strategy services. They can be combined or modified to suit the need of your projects.

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Audit + Insights

A brand audit provides precious insights about an organisation’s context. It lays the foundation for a powerful brand strategy. We look at your competitors, analyse your market and talk to your people to offer a fresh perspective and description of your business. Our approach combines qualitative and quantitative data to uncover unique opportunities for your brand.


Which category does your brand belong to? What differentiates you from your peers? Is your company perceived as a leader or a follower? Using insights collected during a brand audit, we craft brand positions that are unique, attractive and sustainable. Our approach focuses on the “framing” of your brand in order to make your competition irrelevant.


A story gives context and description to your brand. It gives a “reason of being” to your organisation that goes beyond products and services. We use our proprietary Brand Story CanvasTM to craft the unique brand story of your organization. Our method is taught at leading Swiss universities such as Geneva School of Business and Geneva Art and Design School.

Brand Architecture

Companies change all the time. They grow, merge, downsize and innovate. Along come new business units or product lines, new sub-brands and new partners. The role of brand architecture is to organise all these elements in a coherent manner. We use a collaborative card sorting method to develop your ideal brand architecture.

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