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Humans love stories. Whether it’s a grand speech or some juicy gossip, a riveting lecture or a witty ad, a good narrative has the power to move, to educate, to inspire the listener. And a good narrator will never be without an audience. This holds true for organisations. Good storytelling helps a brand grow, and builds a strong relationship with the audience. Using our Brand Story Canvas, we help brands find their role – and their voice – in their own story. and navigate the myriad formats, styles and channels to convey their unique story to the right audience.

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Brand Storymaking Canvas™

Most stories are built around common narrative traits. There’s a protagonist or hero, a disruptive element ending the status quo, trials that must be faced and an ultimate goal to be reached. Brand Storymaking Canvas™  was developed to take advantage of our deeply ingrained love of stories, replacing the hero by the organisation or brand to establish a compelling narrative.

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