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A strategy is only as good as its implementation. Positioning statements, brand stories and stunning designs are worthless if they are not put into practice. You need your employees, your customers, media and partners to believe in your brand and get engaged with it. True brand value is created when all your stakeholders are aligned behind one single idea and are empowered to take it further. We offer a range of services dedicated to bringing your brand to life.

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Employer Branding

A company with a great reputation and a noble purpose is more attractive to employees, particularly to millennials. Crafting a strong employer value proposition (EVP) brings together and energizes your workforce. Our collaborative approach mixes group workshops with one-to-one interviews.

Content Marketing

Brands that have something to say resonate with people. Yet your audience can detect immediately self-promotional messaging. To cut through the clutter, you need to consider your brand as a supplier of information rather than as a loud vendor. That’s called content marketing. Our communication and design experts help you develop your own branded editorial line, craft content (from infographics to videos) and select the most appropriate communication channels.

On-Demand Workshops

Are you interested in learning the secret of storytelling? Do you want to build your personal brand? You, your team or your organisation can now benefit from Creative Supply expertise in branding through on-demand workshops. Our energizing and interactive workshops are suitable for small and large organisations alike. Workshop clients include Swisscom, UBS and Mondelez.

Go-to-Market Strategy

Does nobody know about your company despite it being 100-years old? Is your app ready to be released to the market? Do your services need a push to reach their sales targets? Organisations of all types can be in need of a go-to-market strategy, whether it’s for a new product launch or a website rebranding. We look at your business with an omni-channel perspective to develop integrated action plans and campaigns. Because our agency was also a start-up, our approach is particularly suitable for small and mid-sized companies that aim to increase their brand awareness.

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