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Brand design goes well beyond logo creation. A holistic brand design defines all the touchpoints (physical and digital) of a brand, from letterhead to merchandising and staff interactions. Everything we create takes into account the aesthetic, emotional and functional aspects of design. For each project, we hand-pick the most suited creatives based on skills, interest and availability. We provide you with four core design services.

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Visual Identity

A visual identity regroups all the visual elements impacting the appearance of a brand. It includes basics like logos, fonts, colours and patterns as well as more advanced elements such as photography style, icons and layout principles. Every identity work we do includes an exploratory phase to ensure we understand perfectly your design taste, limitations and expectations.

Naming + Verbal Identity

What is your product called? Do you address your customers with a serious or a playful tone? Is your brand name protected by trademark? The way your brand sounds is as important as the way it looks. Product and service names influence customer perception and decision making. We use a brand personality spectrum to help you define in detail the personality of your brand. We also advise on intellectual property matters such as trademark and domain names (Switzerland and Europe only).

Service Design

Checking-in at a hotel, reading online reviews or going to test drive a car? A brand experience is made up of dozens of “micro-moments”. Each of them has the power to leave a negative or positive impression. Understanding the state of mind of your customers before, during and after purchase is essential to creating memorable experiences. Through our extensive expertise in the hospitality industry, we have perfected service design tools, such as customer journey mapping and personas.

User Interface Design

Online presence is paramount, yet many brands still face the market with a website or app that fails to attract and engage with their audience. In user interface (UI) design, every detail counts: the placement of a button, the loading time of a picture and the styling of an icon. Our approach favours rapid prototyping and interactions. This allows us to move smoothly from design brief, to wireframes, to design.

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