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When it comes to building a successful brand, organisations should not have to choose between creativity and strategy. This dual perspective, paired with a clear focus on brand issues, is at the heart of who we are, and what we do.





Brand Strategy

A brand is the sum total of what an organisation projects to the world, and how it is perceived by it. It covers all touchpoints and affects every stakeholder. By shaping these interactions, integrating them with the strategy and objectives of the organisation, we create lasting value for the customer.

Brand Design

Brand design goes well beyond logo creation. A holistic brand design defines all the touchpoints (physical and digital) of a brand, from letterhead to merchandising and staff interactions. Everything we create takes into account the aesthetic, emotional and functional aspects of design.

Brand Activation

A strategy is only as good as its implementation. Positioning statements, brand stories and stunning designs are only foundations to build upon. You need to engage with your employees, your customers, media and partners to establish trust and excitement in your brand.

Special capabilities

Brand Storytelling

Storytelling is a primordial human need. The stories we tell help us make sense of the world, fuel our imagination and grow our intellects. Transposed in a corporate context, great storytelling helps build these same interactions between a brand and its audience.

Hotel Branding

A hotel is more than just a place to sleep. In a rapidly changing industry, hotels have to evolve to survive. We help these ambitious hoteliers create, launch and grow unique hotel brands that will foster lasting connections with both customers and community.

B2B Branding

Good branding is an opportunity for all companies to become more visible, more appealing and ultimately more successful. But for B2B companies, which have often been underserved in the branding department, investing in a brand strategy can be an opportunity to sail ahead of the pack.


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