Work in progress: Spark Works

20 April 2017

We offer you to take a look at the exciting ongoing projects that Creative Supply’s team is currently working on.

Branding from A to Z

We are working on a complete branding (including the strategy and design) of Spark Works, a Zurich based strategic human-centered innovation firm, providing research and advisory services.


Collaborative process

Following a series of workshops with the company founders and an in-depth competitor analysis, we developed a simple and powerful positioning: Switzerland’s leading strategic innovation company. Then, we jointly identified the company values and core value proposition. Finally, we defined key communication themes and crystalised various customer benefits of Spark Works.


Iconic design

For the visual identity we are working with Aloïs Ancenay, one of out creative members based in Paris. Aloïs’ design is based on the concept of “from A to Z”. Minimalist yet playful, the identity created by Aloïs includes a Swiss typefont and just three colours. The complete branding project is expected to be delivered in May.


There will be more...

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