THE CREATIVE SELF in University of St Gallen

24 April 2018

Youri Sawerschel brought to MBA students of University of St Gallen Creative Supply’s exclusive personal branding workshop The Creative Self.


On 9th of April, Youri carried out two personal branding workshops in one day for MBA students of University of St Gallen. The workshops followed the program of The Creative Self – Creative Supply’s exclusive workshop explaining how to create a personal brand to live life on one’s own terms.


The Creative Self helped the participants become clear on their life goals and priorities and taught how to position oneself accordingly. It also helped to attract opportunities that corresponded to one’s profile and interests rather than “selling oneself” aggressively.

During this interactive ½ day workshop, the participants learnt what a personal brand is, how to build it and how to communicate it.

Previously, The Creative Self has been carried out in Zurich twice with an overwhelmingly positive response from past participants.

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