Personal growth. Public recognition.

Personal growth. Public recognition.

What comes up when people google your name? What would you want them to see instead? Authentic personal branding goes beyond “selling yourself”. It’s about establishing your own sense of purpose, and attracting fulfilling opportunities that match your profile.

The creative self workshop

Our signature workshop is perfect for executives and entrepreneurs, and bridges the gap between self-development and self-marketing. During this interactive workshop, you will gain clarity on your career goals and priorities, and learn how to position yourself accordingly.

  • Personal career goals and vision
  • Personal audit and self-assessment
  • Personal anchoring and communication topics
  • Content creation and sharing
  • Professional network building and nurturing

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Academic and corporate programmes

An established personal brand is an asset for young graduates and industry professionals alike. We collaborate with leading universities such as ESSEC in Paris and the Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) to help students shape their unique personal brand.

  • Executive programme
  • Career switchers programme
  • Young graduates programme

Executive coaching

Many top managers and entrepreneurs rely on their personal brand to grow their business. Being recognised as an industry leader is how you become an industry leader. We help top executives from companies such as ABB, CFF and Swisscom boost their profile.


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Youri Sawerschel on personal branding


Anja Wyden Guelpa

Swiss Politician and CEO of civicLab

“The workshop with Youri Sawerschel was a real eye opener! In a very short time he helped us to identify our brand anchor and to define the next steps. Youri is an amazing and rare consultant that masters perfectly the creative design world, BUT ALSO knows from the inside the challenges of business and thinks strategically.”

Jatin Srivastava

Associate Partner, IBM Global Business Services

“I recently attended a workshop led by Youri from Creative Supply and came back thoroughly charged and inspired. Youri knows how to invoke action through creative inspiration and take you through journey of self discovery. Super Like!”

Fabian Bollhalder

Sales Advisor Tesla

“Organizing an event with Creative Supply was a fantastic experience for myself and the team from Tesla. The event, focused on branding and innovation within the Tesla, captivated the audiences. Creative Supply has an extremely professional art of working which helped accelerate the event planning and ensure a success for all parties involved. Highly recommended to work with.”

Diana Engetschwiler

Senior Project Manager digitalswitzerland

“Today Self-branding is important. Youri’s workshop showed me that I have to dig deeper to find the essence of my personal brand. A very inspiring seminar with many aha-moments!”

Augustin Solioz

Project Manager Lift Conference

“Energizing workshop that provided me with a structure and a strategy to answer some of the most important questions of my life! “

Désirée Anja Jäger

Founder Future Lead

“I can’t recommend this workshop enough. Youri put into one easy sentence what I was struggling with for weeks. This workshop actually made me move forward in leaps. It is worth gold, no idea why Youri charges so little for it!”

Olmar Albers

CEO at öbu, swiss business council for sustainable development

I loved the personal branding workshop because: a) the systematic approach got insights on the table that would have stayed hidden otherwise and b) this marvellous “Eureka moment”, when Youri, through his creative perspective, helped me see the unique and differentiated core of what I have been doing all my life and actually love doing.

Valentina Ricupero

Strategic Customer Success Manager at Beekeeper

I am really glad I attended this workshop. It gave me structure and steps to follow. Youri’s method of delivery was straightforward and he shared with us some powerful and easy to implement tools which I could start using right away. On top of it, I met a bunch of very diverse and inspiring people. Thumbs up!

Nick Lau

Strategy Consultant

“There is a lot of material and options out there when it comes to “personal branding”, and it’s easy to be confused as to what’s worthwhile or not. With Youri’s Creative Self Workshop one benefits from a structured and holistic look at the topic in a concise, half-day format that even includes exercises for participants to work on their own personal brands. Whether one is investigating the topic for the first time or is looking for other perspectives and fresh ideas, this informative – and fun! – workshop may be for you.”

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