Terrass” Hotel

Developing the concept for an upscale hotel

We developed the concept for a multi-million make-over plan to give back a classic Parisian hotel property its former glory and enable it to embrace the future with confidence.

A family story

Marking the entrance of the Montmartre neighborhood, the Terrass’ is an upscale Parisian hotel run by a family of hoteliers since four generations. Last renovated in the 90s, the hotel started to feel slightly out of date. The owning family, committed to give the hotel back its original splendor, sought our help to develop anattractive and coherent hotel concept for the decade to come.

Improving the hotel zoning

In order to understand the business context, we first conducted interviews with staff members and analysed the competitive hotel landscape. During the on-site review of the property, it further became clear that there was untapped potential in terms of floor-space utilisation. The new concept would certainly have to address the strategic hotel area usage. We finally recommended to convert the last floor of the property into a restaurant to capitalise on the breathtaking view.

Creating an integrated concept

The second step of the project was to breathe back life into the Terrass’. We digged deep into the hotel’s archive and immersed ourselves into the neighborhood to develop an authentic and credible brand story. We crafted a narrative that could be captured in one sentence: “L’adresse des artistes depuis 1911”. This anchor reflects the legacy of the property, its strong integration in the “village” of Montmartre and its association to the world of art. Based on this foundation, we derived a coherent verbal and a distinct visual identity, the latter in collaboration with a Paris based design firm.. The conference facilities were transformed into “Ateliers”, the rooms into artist dressing rooms and the lobby was redesigned to resemble a theatre foyer. Before and during the construction period we collaborated closely with the interior design team to ensure a flawless implementation of the concept.


Going to market

We were finally ready to market the new identity of the Terrass’ through analog and digital media channels. We created several client personas to develop an agile communication strategy that would resonate with the different target segments of the Terrass’. To ensure consistency in communication, we set up editorial guidelines for the hotel blog and the social media pages of the Terrass’.

Creative Supply gave us the right tools to take the appropriate decisions relevant to our business context.

Romain Binet, General Manager

Unanimously acclaimed

The reopening was unanimously praised by international press with coverage from Vanity Fair, Ideat and the Wall Street Journal. The hotel now ranks in the top 20 hotels in Paris on Trip Advisor and the panoramic restaurant has won several accolades.