Parisian event space concept

From yoga classes to weekend brunches, we reinvented a hotel meeting space to turn it into a leisure destination for trendy locals.

Boosting the weekends

Following a successful reopening in 2015, the Terrass Hotel, an iconic Montmartre establishment, was looking to give a similar boost to its conference rooms. The 450 sqm space had remained almost untouched during the previous renovation work. Though fully booked weekdays, meeting rooms were mostly empty in the evenings and on weekends.

From conference rooms to local landmark

Tasked to come up with an original concept, we had to go after the local market to raise weekend occupancy. This meant totally rethinking the positioning of the space, as no local wants to hang out in a hotel meeting room. The idea of event studio was born.  An “out of the ordinary” local hub that sets the stage for cultural, social and professional events – hosting business meetings during the week, and yoga classes and a kids cine-club in the evenings and on weekends. The interior design created by Muriel Gaz had to accommodate for this dual use. For instance, the flooring of one meeting room had to use a special material to suit both corporate meetings and pilates classes.

Fig 01 – From brand strategy to operations

Before After
Frame of reference Corporate meeting rooms Local hub (event studio)
Purpose Hosting off-site company meetings Hosting cultural, social and professional events
Activities Rent meeting rooms (with or without catering) Curate and organise events and rent meeting space
Competitive set Other local hotels Leisure and sport destinations (café, cinema, fitness etc.)

New name, same DNA

To deliver on its promise, the space needed a different name and identity. A name that would represent its new positioning but also embody the DNA of its sister brand, the Terrass Hotel. STAGE was chosen – a short, international and memorable name that reminds of leisure and entertainment. The visual identity of STAGE has a look inspired by the Terrass Hotel (they are part of the same brand family), but is more accessible and playful. Our designer, Alois Ancenay, developed STAGE’s logo using the Terrass’ bespoke typography and created several colorful patterns to be used everywhere, from social media posts to popcorn cups to STAGE windows.

Keeping the locals interested

Since its reopening, STAGE has strengthened the historical meeting business by becoming a real leisure destination for adults and children alike. The STAGE team keeps locals interested by constantly launching new events, from knitting courses to Christmas markets.