Spark Works

Brand strategy for a Swiss innovation consultancy

Bold statements and a catchy brand design to position Spark Works as a leading Swiss innovation company

Innovation branding needed

Spark Works is a Zurich-based innovation consulting firm. As one of the newcomers in the Swiss innovation scene, Spark Works was in need of branding that would immediately position them as an established player. We worked with them to find a “positioning sweet spot” that would fast-track their growth.


Switzerland’s innovation leader

Our competitive analysis revealed that, though crowded, the Swiss innovation market is mainly divided between: global innovation companies with a branch in Switzerland, and self-employed innovation experts. There are only a handful of home-grown companies and none with the pedigree of Spark Works. We jumped on the opportunity to position our client as Switzerland’s leading strategic innovation company. Working hand in hand with the Spark Work team, we also identified key client benefits, brand themes and core messages.


Yellow spark

We gave carte blanche to our designer Alois Ancenay to create a visual identity matching Spark Works’ brand ambitions. Far from typical consulting look and feel, Spark Works’ identity is bright yellow. It relies on a highly modular system – a yellow line, representing the notion of innovation’s spark, is used throughout the visual identity. For the typography we worked with  a Swiss type foundry.

Since our branding, Spark Works has worked for clients such as Allianz, Tamedia, SBB, CFF, FFS and Novartis. We continue to advise Spark Works on an ad-hoc basis.