Brand engagement program for a Swiss energy company

Going beyond classic corporate training programs, we created a life-size game concept to engage more than 1,300 employees with SIG brand values.

Energizing the workforce

The Industrial Services of Geneva (SIG) provides energy, water and optic fiber to the canton of Geneva. The organisation, a public-private partnership, is active in B2C and B2B markets. By 2025, SIG wants to be a major contributor to a sustainable and connected society. The organisation defined four core brand values to help reach its goal. SIG asked Creative Supply to develop a brand training program to engage employees with its brand values.

Learning by playing

We spent time with employees in operational functions to understand the reality of the field – most jobs at SIG are based not in an office but on construction sites and in maintenance rooms. To hold the attention of most SIG employees, we had to make them “live” the brand values and show them the link between brand values and their day-to-day jobs. Instead of an in-classroom training format, we created a life-size game concept inspired by the snakes and ladders board game and a TV quiz show.

Creative Supply has been instrumental for the development of a life-size game concept which was truly creative, yet relevant and feasible at the same time. Since then, more than 1,300 employees have been successfully engaged and trained with this program, from individual contributors to general management.

Nathalie Pezio, Head of internal and institutional communication at SIG

In “Le Jeu des Valeurs”, 4 teams compete to win the maximum number of points. Participants progress (physically) on a giant board by answering questions correctly or successfully completing action challenges. The first team to reach the finishing box ends the game. Each question/challenge is associated with a particular brand value and is distributed randomly with the help of a wheel. We built a prototype to test the game. This helped us fine-tune the questions and challenges, clarify game rules and reduce down-time for the participants.

The value of creativity

Following a successful pilot project, the “Jeux des Valeurs” was rolled out across the entire company. More than 1,300 employees who took part appreciated the creative format of the training and reported to understand better the role of brand values. SIG management praised the brand engagement program and highlighted its perfect embodiment of one of the SIG values: audacity.