She Is Rebel

Dressing up a rebel

We “dressed up” a clothing brand with a strong brand strategy and design.

Who is she?

Meet She Is Rebel (SIR), a brand that is more than an online store supplying women with clothing. SIR exists to empower daring women through dressing them up in handpicked fashion designs. We set off to reflect this by developing the visual language of the brand.

Understanding the woman

SIR has been founded by Melis Sawerschel. A modern rebel herself, she sees her clients as women sharing similar lifestyle and ideals. In order to deeply understand this kind of woman, we carefully explored all variables: her interests, lifestyle choices, ambitions, etc. It was crucial to ensure that all aspects of this particular woman’s life are reflected in the brand’s design.

Designing for a modern rebel

A brand might extend miles beyond “simply design”, but one rarely exists without another. We designed a look that reflected She Is Rebel’s “modern rebel” customer.

Crafty yet minimalist, the SIR logo stands out thanks to a bold font and a unique graphic element: letter “R”, which we used separately for implementations on smaller screen sizes.

A classic black and white combination compliments the positioning of She Is Rebel as a brand for self-fulfilled, chick women. Straightforward and impactful, it is also cost effective (for collaterals and packaging.) A classic duo helped SIR avoid coming across as a brand for younger audience than desired (a “rebel woman” is, after all, already grown up and established).

No pink! We were not afraid to play with borderline masculine designs and colours. In the end, the brand acquired a bold look that broke the predictable “girly” fashion brand design.

Setting up a distinctive voice

To make the brand “speak” to the audience, we gave it a distinctive “voice”: empowering, intelligent and a little bit sassy. From social media updates to website content, the voice is to remain consistent.

In order to form a strong introduction to the brand, we included the “voice” on various collateral. For example, the business cards had quotes such as “Dream. Dare”, “You’re a badass” or “Do you. For you.”, making a clear statement about SIR’s values.

Bringing a rebel to life

To bring the brand to life, we set up Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest accounts – the determined prime spots for meeting SIR’s future clients. We did not only provide all channels with strong visuals and the brand’s “voice”, but also created a strategy for the content: informative for Facebook, inspirational for Pinterest and a “behind the scene” for Instagram.  We continue our collaboration with SIR, providing engaging creative content daily.