Fly 7

Creating the visual identity for a non-profit association in the medical sector

Fly Me Home is an association jointly launched by Fly 7 and a Swiss university hospital. It offers terminally ill patients the chance to take a plane to their home countries to end their lives. Touched by this cause, we engaged our creative resources pro bono.

Fly Me Home is relying only on private donations. Because of this, the association needed a strong identity to gain visibility among potential donors.

We started by conducting interviews of the association members. Theses conversations helped us to define the visual identity requirements:

  • Represent this heavy medical topic in a light manner
  • Offer a simple visual concept that would engage viewers
  • Remain authentic and personal, and not sophisticated or commercial

Modular design

The logo we developed depicted a balloon flying into the sky as a metaphor for a peaceful death and transition to an ethereal afterlife. The idea to shape the balloon in a heart shape came later to make the icon more memorable.

We picked yellow because it is a color associated with joy, happiness, and energy – miles away from a hospital green. For the font, we used a handwriting with many irregularities to give an intimate feel. Finally, the photography focuses on moments of affection between patients and their loved ones.

The strength of the visual concept lies in its modularity. The yellow heart can be easily reproduced using emoticons, drawing, or real balloons. The idea of the yellow heart becomes then stronger than the logo itself.

Successful launch

Fly me Home was officially launched in August 2016 at the Polo Gold Cup in Gstaad. Full of yellow balloons, the association stand attracted kids and adults alike.