Business-minded engineers

Strengthening the communication of EPFL’s Master Program in Management, Technology & Entrepreneurship

A great product without a great packaging

The Master MTE is one of the flagship programs of the College of Management of Technology at EPFL. At a certain time, MTE was suffering from imprecise positioning and fragmented messaging. To attract more qualified applicants, MTE management knew they needed to strengthen their communication. That’s where our work began.


Research makes difference

We ran workshops and interviewed all stakeholders to understand the subtleties of the program. We used their insights to develop a communication platform that positioned MTE as ‘the master program for business-minded engineers and scientists‘. We also clarified MTE’s unique selling points (USPs) and communication themes.

Putting pieces together

The communication platform served as a base for refreshing the visual look of the program. We defined the art direction, managed the student photoshoot, and developed a set of graphic elements highlighting the program’s key benefits.

Final step? Website. We developed a new sitemap to simplify the access to information and created prototypes to ensure the new look would be implemented perfectly.