A discussion about hotel concepts at Hotel 2.0

31 October 2017

Youri Sawerschel, Founder of Creative Supply, was invited to give the keynote speech at the Hotel 2.0 conference, organised by Benjamin Devisme, VP Sales at Colossal Factory and taking place in Accor Headquarter in Paris.

Youri addressed an exclusive audience of 150+ hoteliers to share insights into hotel concept and hotel brand development. Drawing on his experience with Parisian hotel projects, Youri stated that hoteliers need to think “beyond their property” to build successful brands. Youri stressed that the interior design of a hotel is rarely sufficient nor sustainable to build a real competitive advantage. Using Creative Supply’s proprietary Hotel Concept Framework, Youri showed how great hotel concepts bring together product, service, storytelling and communication channels.


In conclusion, Youri mentioned that the Parisian hotel market is only starting to rejuvenate, and, unlike in many other popular tourist destinations, forward-thinking hoteliers have an unique chance to stand out from their competitors.