Creative Supply joins STRIDE

29 March 2017

Creative Supply’s Founder Youri Sawerschel has joined STRIDE as a member of Faculty and Mentors group. 


STRIDE is a program dedicated to the learning of practical skills of entrepreneurship and leadership. In order to acquire STRIDE’s unDiploma in Entrepreneurial Leadership (uDEL), a one-year, part time program must be completed.

With Youri’s involvement in the program, the participants will have an opportunity to learn about Brand Strategy and Storytelling. The attendees will gain a better understanding of marketing and strategic thinking, which would benefit professionals of any chosen career paths.

The board of Faculty and Mentors that Youri has joined consists of a dynamic group of specialists and activists in a broad number of different areas, from climate change mitigation (Renat Heuberger, Founder of MyClimate Foundation and South Pole Group) to sustainability and circular design (Siem Haffmans, Partner at Partners for Innovation). It also includes Thomas Vellacott, member of the Advisory Boards of Impact Hub Zürich and Impact Hub Global and Niels Rot, Co-founder of Impact Hub Zürich, where the program is taking place.


To find out more about STRIDE and uDEL, as well as to sign up for the program, visit their website.