Creative Supply and Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne to release new Hotel Concept Handbook

14 April 2020

Zurich, April 14th, 2020. Honouring a longstanding commitment to hospitality research and innovation, Creative Supply–a leading brand strategy consultancy based in Zurich–is excited to announce the release of its Hotel Concept Handbook. Published in association with the prestigious Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne, the handbook is the ideal companion for aspiring and established hoteliers in need of a creative fix. The English version of the handbook is available for download here.

The Hotel Concept Handbook brings together the worlds of hotel design and hotel management through the lens of a transversal idea: the hotel concept. Moving beyond aesthetics or management, a hotel concept integrates all the constituent elements of hotel operation into a coherent and compelling narrative, making it a much easier sell for hotel stakeholders, from guests to investors.

The Hotel Concept Handbook is split into three parts. The first highlights some of the defining trends shaping the hospitality industry, and illustrates how they can affect or influence a hotel concept. The second part revolves squarely around the Hotel Concept
Framework: what it is, how it works, and how it can be used to create or refine a winning hotel concept. The last part of the handbook is a practical application of the Hotel Concept Framework, taking the example of 5 successful hotel concepts and using the framework to break down their formula for success.

This new guide is made possible thanks to the collaboration between Creative Supply and Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL). EHL is a global leader in hospitality education and research, with an extensive network of partner institutions and companies. Meanwhile, Creative Supply has built a reputation as one of the most successful brand strategy specialists in Europe, and has demonstrated the strength of its Hotel Concept Framework with commissions from leading independent hoteliers and chain owners.

Youri Sawerschel, Founder of Creative Supply and EHL alumnus
“At a time where hoteliers are wondering whether they should also become retailers, neighbourhood cafes or art galleries, having a firm grip on what your concept is can help you go beyond the hype and concentrate your efforts and resources where they really matter. This handbook provides a framework and examples to help you achieve just that.”

About EHL Group

EHL Group encompasses a portfolio of specialised business units that deliver hospitality management education and innovation worldwide. Headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland, the Group includes:

EHL Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne is an ambassador for traditional Swiss hospitality and has been a pioneer in hospitality education since 1893 with over 25,000 alumni worldwide and over 120 nationalities. EHL is the world’s first hospitality management school that provides undergraduate and graduate programs at its campuses in Lausanne, Singapore and Chur-Passugg, as well as online learning solutions. The University of Applied Sciences is ranked n°1 by QS World University Rankings by subject and CEOWORLD Magazine, and its gastronomic restaurant is the world’s only educational establishment to hold a Michelin Star.

EHL Swiss School of Tourism and Hospitality has been one of the leading hospitality management colleges for hotel specialists for 50 years. The College delivers Swiss-accredited federal diplomas of vocational education and training and of higher education in its 19th century spa-hotel in Chur-Passugg, Graubünden, to Swiss and international students from 20 countries.

EHL Advisory Services is the largest Swiss hospitality advisory company specialising in service culture implementation, business consulting, as well as the development and quality assurance of learning centres. EHL Advisory Services has offices in Lausanne, Beijing, Shanghai and New Delhi and has delivered mandates in more than 60 countries over the past 40 years.

About Creative Supply

Creative Supply is a Zurich-based company specialised in brand strategy. Blending creativity with business strategy, Creative Supply helps people and organisations transform their brand and build a strong platform for future growth. Its diverse list of consulting clients covers industries ranging from manufacturing to hospitality and education, and includes household names such as ABB, Kempinski and Lancôme. The Creative Supply Academy also offers thousands of people the opportunity to expand their knowledge–from mastering the art of storytelling to building their personal brand.