The House Hotel: a Turkish brand that makes boutique hotels popular again

by Youri Sawerschel , 7 November 2017

As the definition of luxury is ever evolving, we ask ourselves: Who will be the next big thing? We picked the hotel brands that, we believe, have the potential to make history. Discover The House Hotel.

With more awards than years in business, this Istanbul-born brand is proving that boutique hotels are still the most exciting stay in town. We sat down with Antony Doucet, Brand Marketing Director at the House Hotel, to find out what makes the Turkish brand so special.


From a local hotel to an international player

Good businesses often start with a simple idea. For The House Hotel, it was the idea to fill a gap in Turkish hotel landscape. There, most hotels are either international groups or local-run properties. The House Hotel was to become neither of them, but rather give a cosmopolitan flair to luxury Turkish boutique hotels. In 2010, Dublin based investment firm Kerten saw the growth potential of the “House” and invested in the first House Hotel in Istanbul. Seven years later, The House Hotel operates three properties in Turkey and is now going international. Next opening will be in Dubai followed by Jeddah. In addition to hotels, the company has entered the residence business with an address in Istanbul and an upcoming one in Miami. “With the House Residence, we saw the opportunity to take our hospitality experience and know-how to the residential side”, notes Antony.

A story with 1001 facets

The House Hotel has a brand recognition many independent hoteliers would die for. The secret, we think, lies in a precise understanding of today’s high-end customers. They expect the best in product and service quality but don’t necessarily expect consistency in the experience itself. This is the House Hotel’s sweet spot – it is reliable like a chain but has the charm of an independent property. The House Hotel tells a story of contemporary luxury – a luxury with multiple facets. Like the city of Istanbul, the House Hotel is all about contrasts. It is classic yet modern, confidential yet friendly, and efficient yet authentic.

Custom-made brand experience

Growing its brand without standardising it has probably been one of the biggest successes of the House Hotel. While a sense of “understated luxury” is to be found in every hotel, the brand excels in tailoring each of its property to their respective location. In this regard, the House Hotel has a truly “boutique” approach. In Karaköy, a tourist-friendly area, the property kept its historical patina and offers a classic pied-à-terre for wealthy visitors. In Cappadocia, The House Hotel is set in a complex of ancient caves and stone houses. There, every room is unique and guests are encouraged to engage with the local community. With its latest property in the upcoming Bomonti neighbourhood, the House Hotel is bound to become the go-to place for the who’s who of the creative industry. Every week, the hotel organises networking breakfasts for local businesses and residents.


In short, the House Hotel promises a sophisticated brand experience. How exactly this experience is to be delivered, though, is up to the location. This no non-sense approach should serve as an example for some luxury hotel groups that can be a bit too rigid when it comes to customer experience.

We feel that the House Hotel is only at the beginning of its growth curve. The agility that lies at the core of the company’s DNA is probably one of its biggest strength. Finally a “home away from home” that doesn’t feel like the same home over and over again.

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Image credits: © The House Hotel

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