The Hidden Agenda
Kevin Allen

26 September 2019

The Hidden Agenda: A Proven Way to Win Business and Create a Following by Kevin Allen — How to better connect with decision-makers and sell your ideas

The Hidden Agenda draws heavily on anecdotes from Kevin Allen’s hugely successful career as a ‘pitch man’ in the world of Advertising. Allen worked for the likes of Mastercard, Lufthansa, Johnson & Johnson and others, and his renowned knack for selling pitches earned him the catchy moniker of ‘The Trillion Dollar Man’ and the less catchy ‘Growth Guy’. In his first book, Allen set out to write something ‘as enjoyable, warm and engaging as it is informative.’ And he pulled it off. It is all of these things. It is also very practical.

‘While everyone was looking for the functional, I was looking for the emotional.’ The key to a great pitch, Allen asserts, is to recognise the needs and agenda of the decision-maker sat in the opposite chair–whether that is an individual executive, a board of directors or an entire room of people. Allen’s approach is not about persuading these decision makers, but about connecting with them. The book lays out practical but adaptable steps to ascertain who you need to connect with, what you’ll need to do so, and how to go about it. By creating connections, as Allen’s career is testament, you build mutual collaborative relationships – and rather than persuading people to bend to your will, you inspire them to follow you.

Whether you are an ad man, branding agent, marketing guru, inventor or an entrepreneur, selling your ideas and inspiring people to follow you is an essential prerequisite to success. And this book might help you achieve just that.

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