The Brand Story Canvas

20 July 2019

Discover our essential tool that reveals the structure behind every great brand story, and learn how to craft a story that resonates with both your company and audience.

Great stories must be written before they are told

The Brand Story Canvas is a unique tool developed by Creative Supply to analyse, structure or build a compelling brand story. Devised around 7 simple narrative elements, the Canvas allows users to arrange information into a coherent flow, effectively creating the bones of a great brand story. Successfully used in leading business schools and universities, from the EPFL and EHL in Switzerland to ESSEC in France, the Brand Story Canvas is an essential tool for business leaders, marketing professionals and entrepreneurs looking to elevate their brand story.
Some of the benefits of using the Brand Story Canvas include:

  • A better understanding of the storymaking process
  • Unifying different internal brand beliefs into one coherent narrative
  • Creating narrative tension that increases customer engagement
  • Linking the brand story and your content strategy

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