Son of a Tailor is transforming a T-shirt into a high-end staple piece

13 April 2018

Copenhagen-based Son of a Tailor was born in the spring of 2014 with one aim: To supply high quality T-shirts which are customised, fitted and tailor-made for each individual customer.

Son of a Tailor recognised that the humble T-shirt, traditionally worn under a shirt by previous generations, for young professionals in the world of fintech, design and the creative industries, is now a staple of daily wear. Too long neglected, Son of a Tailor are trying to elevate the T-shirt to make it a noble fashion piece.


The name, Son of a Tailor, highlights the connection to the old-school tailor, but emphasises that this is very much of a new generation. The brand is all about embracing innovation and technology, yet also looking back to traditional, classic tailoring. It is Copenhagen meets Saville Row.

The fitting is bespoke for each and every customer, but fitted online using their Ideal Size Algorithm to calculate the perfect size. You can personally customize the material, colour, neckline and sleeves to create the ideal T-shirt for you. The personalisation adheres to old-school values which are often taken for granted nowadays, but uses modern means to bring it to a varied and global audience.

Co-founder Jess Fleischer says that their primary audience is “creative professionals”. An audience which embraces innovation and modernity, but is willing to pay for the best quality. Such quality also increases the lifetime of the product, becoming a way to lower the carbon footprint of each individual piece. Hence why Son of a Tailor use the highest quality materials in the world. And why each T-shirt is laser cut to perfection and handmade by an individual professional tailor from start to finish.

Son of a Tailor are also aware that modern customers are more and more conscious of ethical issues in the production line. “Sustainability is at the core of what we do,” says Fleischer. That is why all materials are sustainably sourced and all products are made in the EU by employees on a fair living wage and in good working environments.

Son of a Tailor’s branding is slick, modern and perfectly fitted to their audience. Just like their product.

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Picture credit: © Son of a Tailor

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