Schindler – The Swiss B2B Brand Elevating Their Own Potential

15 April 2019

With some savvy positioning, this Swiss elevator brand is emphasising values and vision to inspire – and unlocking its own potential in the meantime.

Schindler was founded in Lucerne, Switzerland, way back in 1874 by Robert Schindler and Eduard Villiger as a humble local machine manufacturers. Now it is present in over 140 countries, employs more than 60,000 people worldwide, and moves one billion people a day. It manufactures, installs, services and modernises elevators, escalators and moving walkways – but positions itself simply as being in the business of “Elevating”.

“We Elevate…” says this promotional video, “apartments, offices, airports, hospitals, cities, mountains. We Elevate… people, careers, talent, training, volunteering. We elevate… innovation, quality, safety, trust, diversity, the future, YOU.” The focus is not placed on the complex and innovative mechanics of Schindler’s engineering. Nor on the expert training and logistical operations of Schindler’s mechanics. Because, let’s be honest, logistical operations aren’t exactly engaging or inspiring. The focus is placed instead on what Schindler does for people, what it does for business, and what it does for “our world” (such as this commitment to sustainability). This positions Schindler around “Elevating” rather than, say, mechanical engineering, irradiating the brand with a higher purpose and encouraging people to view it through a more exciting, forward-looking and value-inspired lens.

Photo credit: © Schindler press picture

Of course, this is a B2B company, one that relies on precision and reliability, so, much of the branding emphasises this. Take the logo, which reflects technical precision and quality, reliability and dynamic movement. Or the emphasis of their Swiss origins, a surefire way to emphasise one’s longstanding tradition of engineering expertise and craftsmanship. But all of this, through the lens of “Elevating”, takes on a relatable and inspiring shimmer.

Schindler’s positioning also untethers the company from being confined. “We Elevate” can certainly include elevators, escalators and moving walkways, but it can also include a whole lot more. And, as an ever-expanding brand with a lot of influence in both the North and South American markets, not to mention the European, and with a desire to be “the best service provider in the industry”, this positioning helps guarantee that, for Schindler, the sky’s the limit.

Photo credit: © Schindler press picture

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Photo credit: © Schindler press picture

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