by Yuval Noah Harari

15 October 2018

Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari – To understand the role of storytelling through human evolution

In his bestseller, Yuval Noah Harari analyses and explains how human culture has evolved from 70’000 years ago to today. This book offers incredible insights into humankind’s history and behavior. The book will give you a new way to think about storytelling and its role in our evolution. Harari shows that the one thing that distinguishes homo sapiens from other species and explains our superior position in today’s world, is our capacity in telling stories. We are the only species to know how to create and also connect around ideas that do not physically exist – for example, religion, politics, legal system, organization. In other words, our civilization is based on stories we tell each other. The art of storytelling to build brands and communicate them is thus here to stay.

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