Radio: Punkt. Branding

20 December 2017

Youri Sawerschel appeared on Dublin City FM radio show The Persuaders, hosted by Alex Gibson, where he discussed Punkt. branding.

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“Punkt isn’t about rejecting technology, it’s about taking control over it”, says Youri. According to Creative Supply’s Founder, a relatively high price of the minimalist phone with extremely limited functionalities can only be justified by the brilliant idea behind it: a digital detox in a noisy modern world.

Punkt moved the frame of reference from a mobile phone brand to a lifestyle provider. This choice enabled it to open doors for the future development. As long as the idea of taking control remains, the brand can expand beyond product and technology.

Surrounded by an aura of exclusivity, Punkt’s phone can’t be bought in a mobile store. Youri let the audience know that it can, for example, be found in Colette – a trendsetting boutique store in Paris.

Instead of traditional advertising, Punkt relies on the word of mouth. The brand’s “digital detox challenge” is their way of spreading the word about their best known product.

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