Radio: Aesop Branding

by Alisa Voitika , 1 September 2017

Youri Sawerschel appeared on Dublin City FM radio show The Persuaders, hosted by Alex Gibson, where he discussed Aesop branding.

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Aesop wants to be exclusive, and even more – selective. They found themes that aren’t exactly mainstream: philosophy, literature and the power of word.

Each of Aesop’s products has a nearly identical design. When displayed next to one another, these packagings look like shelves with books. The brand relies on the design of their stores and engagement with staff to bring their story to the customers, instead of putting money on advertising. By picking a different architect for each store, they embrace the concept of individual stories.

Aesop is not present in airports’ duty free zones, where most cosmetic brands can be found. Instead, they partner up with restaurants, bars and hotels. This way, their product is associated with selective places, which tune in well with their brand image.

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