Moodley creates bold design for a traditional coffee making industry

by Alisa Voitika , 15 May 2018

Meet moodley brand identity, a design agency from Vienna that gave a bold look to the traditional art of coffee making industry.


About the project

Bright and bold, this coffee packaging isn’t about to get lost on the shelf. A brand design with a strong respect for the company’s heritage – that is what moodley brand identity, a design agency from Vienna, have created for Andrashko’s – a modern coffee manufacturer aiming to have their brand translate the message of being a modern „Kaffeehauswiener“, meaning traditional coffee shop Viennese.

What is your source of inspiration?

Art, Fashion, Culture, Society and Technology are always a source of inspiration for us. And all this, to be sure, has big influence how a brand has to look like in 2018. But most inspiring for us is just to listen to the client, what kind of products does he sell? what is his story? what are his needs?… and then creating a new world.

What are, in your opinion, most significant brand design trends this year?

Easy, reduced and simple brand designs, especially responsive logos have become increasingly important in a world dominated by mobile devices. In a digital world people have different needs, logos are becoming adaptive, containing several versions for mobile, tablet, desktop devices, and beyond. So the trend is not just to create a beautiful, individual and also strong brand, our task is to create a brand that works in real life and also in the digital world. And, because of the technological progress there are more possibilities: after some years of doing just flat design, now design studios trying to mix up 2D design and Typefaces with 3D Graphics in a very colorful, playful kind.


Picture credits: Notorius Grey

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