HanHanHan Gao: bringing eternal youth to Chinese medicine branding

by Alisa Voitika , 13 June 2018

Meet HanHanHan Gao, a designer from Beijing, China, who dusts off traditional stereotypes and makes them young once again.

About the project

Han set out to redefine Chinese medicine in a contemporary context. Traditional and deep-rooted, Chinese medicine goes back thousands of years. With the development of modern medical solutions, the role of a more traditional medicine has changed. Han reimagines it as a healthy lifestyle rather than a medical treatment. He puts Chinese medicine in a new context to get people to see, understand and accept the brand new image of modern Chinese medicine.


Where did you study design?

Actually, in my personal perspective, I didn’t study design. I think design is something that demands more than knowledge and experience. It needs the willingness of thinking. Taking a look at the posters and advertisements on street can give you much more than what you can learn in a school. But I did study product design in Beijing, China.

Who do you look up to in your industry?

There are too many creative minds that I could look up to. They can be a person, an agency, or even a brand which has it own philosophy. Recently, I like Vergil Abloh, the founder of Off-White, the new creative director of LOUIS VUITTON. I like his attitude to keep creating and trying in the this digital context.

What are, in your opinion, most significant brand design trends this year?

I would say the definition of brand design is getting fuzzy these years. While I think the branding using just simple typography will be the trend this year. Because it will be clearer on the mission of deliver the message of the brand to audience.


Picture credits: HanHanHan Gao

Brand Storytelling, Consumer goods