Empires of the mind
by Denis Waitley

15 October 2018

Empires of the mind by Denis Waitley – To regain the control of your own life (and personal brand)

Even though it was written in 1995, Denis Waitley’s book has not aged at all. In fact, Waitley was quite visionary when he predicted that creativity and inventiveness would become the competitive advantages of the 21st century. But Empires of the Mind is before all a book about personal determination and strength. Waitley’s reminds us of the importance to take ownership of our lives and “act as our own CEO”, a concept that is today wrongly attributed to Tom Peters (with his 1997 article “The Brand Called you”). The book is packed with tips on self-esteem and personal responsibility and offers tricks on how to constantly develop your skills to increase your motivation. An essential read if you are serious about building your personal brand.

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