Personal branding workshop


An exclusive workshop that shows you how to create your personal brand to live life on your own terms. It is not about selling yourself, but about attracting the opportunities and connections that will benefit you and your life.

Why does your personal brand matter?

When someone googles your name, what do they find? What do people say about you when you are not in the room? What do you talk about when meeting colleagues or business partners? What differentiates your profile from that of your peers? Building one’s personal brand is becoming a source of competitiveness in a transparent and interconnected world. Decrease in job security and the rise of job-hopping and entrepreneurship force people to rely on themselves more than on their employers to build their professional reputation, hence personal. Bloggers, artists and political figures have long recognized the value and the benefits of branding themselves to reach their goals. We think that personal branding should not be centred around the idea of “selling yourself”. Instead, a personal brand should help you attract the opportunities that correspond to your profile and interests.

Workshop content and benefits

Is your goal to get a job that makes you happy? Attract investors or business partners? Or bring together different facets of your profile? In any case, a defined personal branding will give you a real edge. You will become clear on your life goals and priorities and will learn how to position yourself accordingly. During this interactive workshop, you will learn what a personal brand is, how to build yours, and how to communicate it.

Whom is it for?

  • Company directors
  • Marketing and Communication Directors
  • Head of Business Unit
  • Entrepreneurs

Workshop Highlights

  • Understand how personal branding can help you build your career and/or business and live a meaningful life
  • Make the difference between your brand and your job title
  • Develop your personal vision, the cornerstone of a personal brand
  • Conduct a self-audit to identify your “personal assets”
  • Define a personal positioning that is authentic, unique and relevant
  • Understand how to use networks, content creation and social proof to build your personal brand


The personal branding workshop can last half a day or full day. It takes place at the location of your choosing. It is designed for 6 to 24 participants to allow for individual questions and interactions.


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