One network
Countless opportunities

Become a member of Creative Supply and join a network that is disrupting the agency model.

Are you a freelancer or an independent studio operator? Are you often unable to find the time to do your own marketing? Do you find it difficult to find projects and justify your fees?

Based in Switzerland, Creative Supply is a leading brand agency that operates through a network of creatives. Creative Supply offers a third alternative to isolated freelancing or “factory like” creative agencies. Read more to learn how you can benefit from the Creative Supply network.

Strengthen your profile

We have delivered brand projects across 10+ countries in nearly 15 different industries. We count household names such as UBS, Kempinski, Mondelez and EPFL among our clients. Being accredited by Creative Supply will strengthen your individual profile. This will help you justify charging premium prices for your work with your clients. As a member of Creative Supply, you can display the “Creative Supply” accreditation badge on all of your own marketing materials (business cards, website, etc.)

Get visibility

Your profile and will be featured on the Creative Supply website’s “People” page with a link directing visitors to your portfolio. You will also have the opportunity to publish articles or visual work in Creative Supply’s journal. Additionally, when you join Creative Supply, we will introduce you to the world on our Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Receive project proposals

Work on great creative projects that fit your schedule, and match your interests. For each project, we hand-pick a team of professionals based on their respective skill sets and geographical locations.

Widen your creative network

Access a growing network of creative professionals in Europe. Get connected to designers, photographers, copywriters, illustrators, UX designers and more. Get invited to monthly events and meet creatives in your own neighborhood and across the continent.

How can I become
a member of Creative Supply?

Creative Supply strives to be one of the best branding agencies in Europe. This means that all our members must go through a rigorous selection process. We look for outstanding creatives with proven track records in one or several domains. The selection process is composed of four steps:

  • Initial screening
  • Phone interview
  • One-on-one meeting
  • Work sample