Creative Supply and EPFL EMBA launch educational video series

26 September 2018

EPFL EMBA and Creative Supply are collaborating on a series of instructional videos linking innovation and branding. Positioning your product as well as branding your innovation the right way, makes a difference between a market success and a market failure.

In each video lasting only 3-4 minutes, Youri Sawerschel, Founder of Creative Supply, shares the tools and outcomes of innovation branding that can help startups and tech-based companies thrive in competitive marketplaces.

In the first episode of the series, Youri speaks about the importance to think “beyond a product”. Through the example of the Apple Watch, Youri shows that the company went from developing electronics to creating an inspirational product by using branding tools. People are not just buying the product, they want to buy also the idea behind the product.


EPFL EMBA, based in Lausanne, Switzerland, focuses on technology and innovation at the forefront of the increasingly fast-changing and interconnected world. Since 1998, this EMBA combines innovative thinking with strategic management skills, fostering a more hands-on approach. Courses are taught by academic experts in innovation areas, but also by industry experts using a more pragmatic approach based on their experiences and on-the-field knowledge.

About Creative Supply

Creative Supply is a Swiss agency bringing together global creatives to develop brands, design experiences and market products and services in an interconnected world. The branding company drive projects from concept to implementation at the intersection of business, design and technology. Their collaborative approach to creative work delivers tangible values for clients across industries, from a Chinese hotel to a Swiss bank.

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