About Creative Brand magazine

Welcome to the first fully digital magazine on branding in Switzerland. We keep our finger on the pulse of the industry, sharing with you insights on trends in branding, emerging brands from all over the world and brand design inspiration.

Our story

Creative Brand is the first Swiss online magazine dedicated exclusively to brands. Launched in 2018, it originated from Creative Supply, a leading Swiss branding agency working with various international brands.


At Creative Brand, we are committed to shedding light on emerging brands from all over the world. We have an extensive network of correspondents from Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Germany and United Kingdom, and it only grows. We are constantly searching for new contributors to expand our reach and provide a greater amount of trustworthy, exciting and unexpected content.


We believe in growing and sustaining Creative Brand as a reliable source of news, information, and insights from people across various industries, united under an exciting topic of branding in a contemporary world.

We are always looking for new, fresh brands to make appearance in our articles. Would you like a certain brand to get featured? Get in touch.